Look forward to
taking the pressure off.

“A good benefit plan should not only take the pressure off our employees, but also off us as a company.”

You have a lot of questions? At TPC you will find the right contact person. Our guideline “One face to the customer” is a central component of our consulting services. This means: we offer you a permanent contact person for all matters concerning support and administration.

Enrolment of employees

Your employees would like to subscribe to the occupational benefit plan? If so, we’re ready and prepared to assist. Our consultants provide the application documents, ensure the forms are completed correctly, and forward the applications to the benefits provider. The contracts are then forwarded to the HR department. This process can be managed on paper or digitally – depending on which benefits scheme you choose and whether you use the TPC portal.

Change of benefits management

Do you already have company pension schemes that you would like TPC to manage in the future? No problem: we will arrange and coordinate the change of management.

Changing existing contracts

Do you or your employees need to change existing contracts? We process, schedule and monitor all changes to the current employment relationship (e.g. increase in contributions, exemption from contributions, parental leave, name change). You simply send us the change requests digitally or in paper form. If you use the TPC portal, the transmission takes place automatically. We’ll take care of the rest.


When it comes to complex topics such as occupational benefits, questions arise time and again. As a permanent contact for you and your employees, we provide information on all relevant topics and areas (e.g. options for continuing during parental leave or after leaving the company). When using the TPC portal, a lot of information is at your fingertips.

Employees leaving

What if an employee leaves your company? In this case, we handle the change notification, inform the provider and contact the departing employee in writing. If a new employer is already known, we provide all necessary forms for a transfer to the new employer.

In the event of a claim

Of course, we are also available as a central contact for you and your employees in the event of a claim. We will support you and liase with the provider.

Expectation to transparency.

Look forward to a genuine choice.

Look forward to safe decisions.

Expectation to simplification.

Expectation to better productivity.

Expectation to unlimited success.

The start of a good business relationship is a good conversation.

Let us engage in dialogue to determine what your needs are, how we can best support you and what occupational provision can mean for your company and your employees.