Efficient administration

Efficient administration

Looking forward to relief in the future.

„A good company benefits plan should not only take the pressure off our employees, but also on us as a company.“

As an experienced company, you know: if you work efficiently, you have the best chances for long-term success. This applies to your daily business as well as to the matter of occupational provision. After all, what use are the best schemes and the slickest provisions if bureaucracy cancels out all the positive effects? When it comes to benefits administration, you better rely on lean, digital processes and rapid support of your personal TPC contact person.

Your simple administration of contracts and benefits.

Using a digital portal, not only you, but also your employees can keep an eye on everything important to do with benefits at all times. The portal is configured individually for your company. So only the benefits components that you as an employer provide to your workforce, groups or individuals are visible.

How to relief your HR Manager.

What types of provision are of interest to our workforce? What do we have to consider when colleagues leave or new ones join? These are the questions that your HR department’s employees are concerned with. This makes it most important for them to have a single contact person who can give them valuable advice and relieve them of administrative tasks. For example, of the following:

  • Communication with benefits providers
  • Checking applications are complete
  • Support when employees leave/join
  • Individual status information
  • Training for the HR department

„If our employees are satisfied, they will do their best for our company.“

„For us as a company, an occupational benefits scheme means: good employees stay productive longer and motivated longer.“

„We do not want to have to search for the most important information – we want to find it. Preferably at a glance.“

The start of a good business relationship is a good conversation.

Let us engage in dialogue to determine what your needs are, how we can best support you and what occupational provision can mean for your company and your employees.