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“Different countries, different customs – what does that mean for our company?”

Do you operate globally with your company? If so, your HR department will be repeatedly faced with special challenges: Are there also any governmental subsidies for occupational pension schemes in Sweden or Belgium? How does it affect social security if your employee goes to Asia for a few months? We have the answers to questions about your company’s activities abroad.

This is how you benefit from IBN – International Benefits Network.

You see yourself as a reliable employer and an are a multinational company: Responsibility for your employees does not end at national borders. So just use the experience of our network partners in over 70 countries for your company:

  • Tax- and social security audits
  • Risk analysis for expatriates
  • Support in the acquisition of foreign companies
  • Creation of attractive benefit schemes for international locations

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Look forward to safe decisions.

Expectation to simplification.

Expectation to better productivity.

The start of a good business relationship is a good conversation.

Let us engage in dialogue to determine what your needs are, how we can best support you and what occupational provision can mean for your company and your employees.