Look forward to
secure and compliant decisions.

„We have the same opinion on legal issues, as our employees when it comes to occupational benefits: We want to be compliant and secure.“

Labour law, tax law, insurance law and social security law – questions regarding occupational benefits often concern special fields of law. Whatever is involved:
with the support of the TPC legal team, you avoid legal risks and are always on the safe side. We provide expert legal opinions for you, prepare compliant documents and advise you on all legal aspects of occupational benefits, such as introduction, review, modernisation and harmonisation.

Expectation to transparency.

Expectation to taking the pressure off.

Look forward to a genuine choice.

Expectation to simplification.

Expectation to better productivity.

Expectation to unlimited success.

A good business relationship starts with a good conversation

Let us determine your needs in a dialogue. What is the best support for you? What can occupational provision mean for your company and your employees.