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What benefits can I use to retain my employees in the long term? How do I make sure they’re well cared for in retirement? And which pension schemes are also of benefit to me? The right answers to all three questions are provided by intelligent company provision benefit systems. But these are often very complex. Our experts also decode complex benefits systems for you.
Then you will understand the long-term impact of your decisions today. At the same time, you are always up to date with new or planned legal changes.

Are company pension schemes already established in your company but the benefits aren´t properly used by or known to your employees? With our support, you can firmly anchor your pension benefits in your company so they so they are understood and appreciated. If you have any questions on accounting and external funding, we will show you all options offered within the current legal and capital market situation. We are also happy to provide you with legally-compliant information for your employees.

Our actuarial advice, in cooperation with our legal team, covers the entire pension process:

  • Introduction
  • Review
  • Modernisation
  • Harmonisation
  • Design of pension schemes in all occupational pension plan vehicles

In addition, we provide you with transparent product and supplier comparisons in these areas:

  • External financing using Contractual Trust Arrangements (CTA)
  • Reinsurance policies
  • Insurance based financing vehicles

„Appreciation of complex pension models only develops when everyone understands them: we as a company, but also our employees.“

Reliable, service-oriented and always on a personal level: Our experienced experts will advise you on all questions and problems relating to the valuation of pension obligations in occupational pension schemes. We show you the risks and give you practical recommendations in order to develop a quick and efficient solution together. You can rely on our secure, GDPR-compliant data processing. We work according to strict German data protection regulations and store all data on our own servers in Germany.

No matter how complex your problem is – you can always count on us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Overview of your pension obligations.

With pension commitments, you reward your employees for their loyalty to your company and their commitment. You offer them attractive pension benefits and protection against risks. Relevant for accounting is: what is the cash value of the benefits for our company? This is why we convert your pension obligations into balance sheet values. At the same time we optimise the amount recognised in your balance sheet and communicate directly with auditors. Actuarial formulars are subject to constant change. This is not only due to demographic developments, but also to changes in the interest rate environment and the pension commitment.

We analyse these changes and jointly determine options for financing or structuring the pension scheme.

We prepare the following actuarial (balance sheet) reports in accordance with German and international accounting standards (IFRS/US-GAAP) for companies, foundations, public and church institutions, professional pension funds, estate funds and support funds:

  • Pension obligations including the calculation of the assessment basis for the Pension Security Association (PSV aG)
  • Partial-retirement obligations
  • Milestone-anniversary obligations
  • Obligations from long-term working accounts
  • Obligations arising from early retirement or release from work
  • Benefit obligations
  • Death benefit obligations
  • Purchase price pension obligations
  • Obligation to pay transitional allowances
  • Pension adjustment obligations under Section §16 BetrAVG (Betriebsrentengesetz)
  • Support fund obligations (permissible cash assets and grants)
  • Pension funds and pension trust obligations
  • Countervalue calculations calculations VBL (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder)

You can also make use of these other services from us:

  • Risk assessment and evaluation by economic analyses
  • Long-term and short-term forecasts
  • Valuations for M&A (due diligence)
  • Comparisons of pension plans
  • Budget and liquidity planning (cash flow management)
  • Severance calculations
  • Determination of values for transfers
  • Pension equalisation calculations and processing of inquiries from the family court
  • Calculations for reorganisations

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