Look forward to a genuine choice.

“One thing of particular importance to us in terms of selecting the right occupational benefits: We want to have a real choice.”

We offer the choice – you make the decision

Rather than pushing our own products, we as experts and appraisers draw on the broad range of relevant providers. This is based on scientifically-sound market and product analyses.

The core points of our supplier and product selection process:

  • Evaluation of requirements
  • Analysis of the needs of specific industries and employee groups
  • Evaluation of industry reports and market studies
  • Ensuring suitability of providers and know-how
  • Continuous communication with experts
  • Plausibility check of offers, for example by Monte Carlo simulation
  • Company ratings, e.g. Assekurata, Fitch Ratings or Morgen & Morgen

Expectation to transparency.

Expectation to taking the pressure off.

Expectation to safe decisions.

Expectation to simplification.

Expectation to better productivity.

Expectation to unlimited success.

The start of a good business relationship is a good conversation.

Let us engage in dialogue to determine what your needs are, how we can best support you and what occupational provision can mean for your company and your employees.