Looking forward by continuing tradition since 1955.

TPC has been shaping the development of occupational benefits in Germany for more than 75 years. Discover the most important milestones and evolution of TPC up to the present day as the business unit for occupational benefits of MLP Finanzberatung SE, Germany’s largest independent consulting firm.

1955 Founding of the actuarial agency Dr. Roos, Hannover

  • Setting up and managing supplementary pension funds in the public sector

1955 Founding of the Beratungsgesellschaft für betriebliche Altersvorsorge und Versicherungsmathematik mbH (BERAG) (consulting company for occupational pension provision and actuarial services)

  • Focus of our consulting services is on actuarial services and legal advice
  • Management of employer-funded pension schemes

1989 Takeover of BERAG by insurance broker C. Wuppesahl, Bremen

  • Expansion of the services sector to include tendering for expert services and brokerage of funding instruments for pension liabilities

1993 Change of company name to BERAG Beratungsgesellschaft für betriebliche Altersversorgung und Vergütung mbH (Consultancy on occupational pensions and compensation)

  • Founding of BERAG Versicherungsmakler GmbH as 100% subsidiary of BERAG

1999 Founding of TPC THE PENSION CONSULTANCY GmbH, Hamburg

  • Consulting on special industry sector’s pension solutions
  • Advisory for large collectives on pension schemes
  • Ongoing support and management of occupational benefits solutions

1999 Founding of MLP Corporate University

  • With the Corporate University, MLP sets up its own educational establishment providing a curriculum where finance, precaution, taxes and law is taught. Experts, for example in the subject of occupational benefits, are trained at this institution

2004 Takeover of BERAG by MLP FDL AG

  • Takeover of BERAG by MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG
  • Expansion of MLP’s expertise in occupational benefits to integrate legal advice, business consulting and actuarial services

2008 Takeover of TPC by MLP FDL AG

  • Expansion of MLP’s consulting expertise by specializing in solutions for industrial associations, demographics consulting, employee communication and administration
  • TPC expands its nationwide consulting presence in 170 MLP offices with 1,200 licensed consultants for occupational benefits schemes
  • Consulting expertise for company ownership, board members, managing directors, specialists and executives.

2008 Merger of BERAG with TPC

  • Reinforcement of activities as an independent appraiser on occupational benefits management 

2012 TPC becomes a member of the International Benefits Network (IBN)

  • Worldwide support of globally operating clients in over 80 countries and exclusive IBN partner for consulting and support of German branches of international clients of IBN’s worldwide network members.
  • Expansion of services to include international benefit consulting, expatriate management, global brokerage & multinational pooling, international financial reporting


  • Emphasis on a comprehensive consulting approach and services provided within the scope of occupational benefits management
  • Expansion of services to include the topics of salary optimization and occupational health management

2020 Merger into a new business division

  • TPC GmbH and the occupational benefits and associations division merge to form the new TPC occupational benefits division within MLP Finanzberatung SE
  • The leading role in the division of occupational benefits for corporate clients is underlined by offering all services from a single resource

2023 Foundation of benefit expert :pxtra GmbH

  • Majority Shareholder offers digital all-in-one solutions for the selection and management of additional benefits by the employer for its workforce
  • Using a digital platform and the associated app, both employer and employee organize all services and processes related to employee benefits

Looking forward to success

Look forward to consulting and concepts that contribute to your success as an entrepreneur and established company. Our independence enables us to provide our clients with the best possible service. By objective and client-oriented consulting we create and implement concepts based on jointly developed objectives. This approach has made us successful for more than 60 years – take advantage of the expertise of the market leader in independent consulting.