Expectation to
full support.

„I don’t want off the shelf solutions. I desire a benefits plan that’s tailored just for me.“

Offers for occupational benefits are a dime a dozen. With the help of TPC, we will develop a benefit scheme that suits you best. We give you exclusive access to offers that are kept hidden from you as a private policyholder. Rather than pushing our own products, we are experts and appraisers using the broad range of relevant providers. Together with your employer, we develop schemes that are precisely tailored to your needs.

„I just want to know one thing: Which plan is the right one for me?

Imagine you could answer this question yourself? We explain to you all the important interrelationships and, in consultation with your employer, show you the opportunities for occupational benefits: in a clear and comprehensible way and always with a view to your personal and professional circumstances.

„For me, occupational provision means security that gives me complete freedom.“

Flexibility and security are often mutually exclusive. The situation is different with occupational benefit schemes. Here you remain completely flexible without any risk. Whatever offers and options you choose, you will always receive financial support from your employer and the state.

TPC Portal: Transparent, easy and digital.

Occupational benefits are important but unfortunately might be complex. In order to understand your benefits scheme and to be able to track the current status – for example on the basis of up-to-date documents, you will find all explanations, correlations and calculation examples bundled together in the portal. And just at the time when it is important for you and you want to deal with your benefits scheme.

Mutual trust begins with a good conversation.

Let us determine together what occupational benefits can mean for you and how we can provide you with the best possible support.