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Legislative Developments

This document summarises recent legislative developments and trends related to employee benefits and highlights recently passed and pending legislation that may require employers to take action to comply with new rules. This document should not be seen as exhaustive and any action should be taken in conjunction with your Global Benefit Consultant. 

 About TPC Employee Benefits 

Headquartered in Hamburg, we have operations nationwide as a leading provider of specialised consultancy services on all relevant pensions and benefits topics for Germany. For multinational organisations TPC offers the management of their most complex global benefits requirements. 

Our company’s portfolio of services offers all-round, all-inclusive support. It extends from professional consultancy and customer-specific planning to pragmatic implementation and documentation – all from a single source backed by 60 years of experience. 

TPC is a Partner of the International Benefits Network (IBN), a strategic global alliacne of like-minded local consultants and intermediaries. We engage with our local partners to provide first hand benefit insight from the countries you may be interested in. To ensure you are prepared and your benefits are fit for purpose; we liasise with our partners to provide you with news, developments and legislative updates. 

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