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Shortage of skilled workers: new opportunities in personnel planning

Practical experience since the abolition of the supplementary income limits in the statutory pension insurance (gRV) – strategic realignment in personnel planning necessary and new challenges in occupational pension schemes.

The shortage of managers is omnipresent, but completely new opportunities are opening up for your company. Since January 1, 2023, the legislator has removed the obstacles to the employment of older workers by completely abolishing the previous supplementary income limits in the statutory pension insurance (gRV). This change calls for a strategic reorientation in personnel planning and at the same time brings new challenges in company pension schemes.

In the past, employees who drew an early retirement pension from the gRV and were employed at the same time had to carefully weigh up their financial situation. Additional income was offset against the pension and led to reductions. Companies had difficulties retaining top performers despite early retirement.

However, this change in the law now makes it possible to draw an early retirement pension and work at the same time without financial loss. Many of those who draw an early pension also meet the requirements for early benefits from the company pension scheme.

This opens up completely new possibilities for your company in terms of strategic personnel planning. You can retain highly qualified employees for longer and counteract the labor shortage.

In view of the ageing population and the increasing shortage of skilled workers, you can offer your employees flexible transitions into retirement that allow them to draw their earned income, statutory retirement pension, company pension and time-off pay at the same time.

Different employee groups require differentiated approaches:

  • Managers and specialists are particularly important for the company’s success. We help you to develop incentive systems to prevent early retirement.
  • Average-earning employees have a variety of ideas that need to be clarified.
  • Low earners need special solutions, as they often have to work until the standard retirement age. Have to work until the standard retirement age.

To ensure that your employees can design their retirement plans in line with your business objectives, it is important to make strategic considerations in good time.

Questions you should consider as an employer:

  • What is our demographic workforce strategy?
  • Do we have an overview of the age structure of our workforce and the upcoming departures?
  • Do we know our employees’ personal requirements and plans for individual retirement?
  • How do we need to adapt our benefits such as company pension schemes, working time accounts and health promotion to the new framework conditions?

We support you in the legal review, reorganization and design of your benefits concept in order to take advantage of the new opportunities to reduce the shortage of skilled workers.

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